Top 5 Supplements that Boost Energy

We live in a culture that views being tired all the time as a personality trait rather than as a symptom of an underlying cause that we can heal with the right treatment. If we are someone who needs to take regular naps and relies on coffee and/or energy drinks to get through the day, we might end up resenting that part of our “personality” and be constantly struggling to get all done that we need to do. 

We have a lot to do. Being human is exhausting and messy. Why does it seem like some people can handle it better than others?

One of the main reasons why some people seem more equipped to take on the day and get everything they want accomplished isn’t just their positive mindset, their goal-oriented personality, or their sheer drive for success – it is their energy levels. 

Think about it…

You may be a naturally positive thinker. You may have goals in life. You may have a drive for success. But, if you lack enough energy to get you through the day, you aren’t as equipped to handle how exhausting and messy life can be as well as someone who does.

Having high energy levels means that you are capable of accomplishing any task that comes your way. You communicate more effectively. You are more present and mindful. You are able to formulate thoughts and make decisions clearly. 

You also get to experience the many physical benefits when you have healthy energy levels. You will be more likely to start consistently exercising, cooking healthy meals, waking up earlier, and all around start taking better care of yourself.

If you suffer from low energy levels and in search of a cure, luckily there are natural supplements that boost energy that you can incorporate into your routine.

Why caffeine isn’t enough

Don’t get me wrong — I am an avid coffee drinker. So, even I can admit that caffeine is not a cure for chronic low energy levels. It is merely a bandaid that prevents the original wound from healing properly.

In other words, it is a short-term solution to a long-term problem. Drinking a cup of coffee might fight off some of the fatigue, but the underlying cause persists. 

Reach for the cup of coffee too often and you not only avoid dealing with the underlying cause, but you can develop a dependency upon it, increasing the amounts to achieve the same effect.

Furthermore, there are many negative side effects of drinking too much caffeine. These include feeling jittery and anxious, heart palpitations, insomnia, and indigestion. We can also start to crash after the effects wear off, feeling even more tired than before. 

There are benefits to drinking moderate amounts of caffeine for those who have healthy energy levels. Be that as it may, our culture is full of coffee addicts jonesing for their next fix.

Chronic fatigue is not a personality trait. Being a coffee addict is not as cute and quirky as you might think. They are signs that there is a larger issue at hand and that there is something else your body needs in order to function properly.

What your body needs is supplements that boost energy, naturally.

The Top 5 Supplements that Boost Energy

While a healthy diet and getting enough exercise are extremely important for your body’s energy levels, most of us do not get all of the nutrients our body needs from diet alone. Here are 8 supplements that you can incorporate into your diet. 

1. Vitamin B12

Along with other B vitamins, B12 helps your body convert the food you eat into energy that your cells can use. It keeps your blood cells healthy which helps prevent a type of anemia that can make you feel weak and tired.

2. Iron

Iron deficiency is widely known to result in anemia. This is because iron helps your body make hemoglobin – a protein found in red blood cells that helps transport oxygen throughout your entire body. When you are iron deficient, your red blood cells are unable to transport enough oxygen. This leads to chronic fatigue.

3. Tyrosine

Tyrosine is an amino acid that produces neurotransmitters, which are chemicals that transport messages in your brain. The body produces it naturally but levels can decline with stress or mentally and physically demanding activities. This can negatively affect energy levels and focus.

There have been studies that show tyrosine supplements help increase alertness and energy levels. They can also improve memory and clarity in participants who suffered from sleep deprivation.

4. L-Theanine with Caffeine

You do not need to give up caffeine and – better yet – worry about the harsh side effects of it any longer if you combine it with the amino acid L-Theanine. L-theanine is typically found in teas and some mushrooms and is known to promote relaxation without increasing drowsiness. Studies have shown that the combination of L-theanine and caffeine improves memory and reaction time while decreasing tiredness and mental fatigue.

5. Ashwagandha 

Ashwagandha is a popularly used herb in Indian Ayurvedic medicine with growing popularity in the United States. This ancient medicinal herb has been rigorously scientifically studied and has shown positive effects on those suffering from anxiety, stress, and fatigue associated with exercise

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