tips to stay fit during the holidays

Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

It is the middle of November, which means it’s getting colder outside and wearing layers is becoming necessary. It also means there are multiple occasions inching closer on our calendar that revolve around eating a delicious feast. It can be very easy to slack on your diet during the holiday season and the layers of clothing can easily cover up that extra serving of stuffing and three slices of pumpkin pie. Having a cheat meal every once in a while is perfectly healthy. However, during the holidays one cheat meal can easily turn into a cheat month… or two. Putting on some extra weight in this season is extremely common, so I decided to put together 5 tips to stay fit during the holidays.

Forget Your “New Year, New Me” Resolution

The most common New Year’s Resolution is to lose weight after overindulging during the holidays. Wouldn’t it be nice to not have to worry about making that New Year’s resolution? You would get to avoid crowds of people rushing to get gym memberships on January 2nd and already feel great about your body.

From now until New Years, however, even the most disciplined people can have a difficult time committing to their diet and fitness routines. The stress of traveling, family obligations, work parties, and spending copious amounts of cash on presents for loved ones can make it easy to indulge in peppermint mochas, chocolate fudge, and apple pie with vanilla ice cream on top. 

This is precisely why we did the research for you and came up with tips to help you stay fit through the holidays, so you have one less stress to worry about as the year comes to an end.

Tips to Stay Fit During the Holidays

1. De-Stress

Stress eating happens when people use food to help them deal with stressful or emotional situations. The holidays are notorious for being a highly stressful and emotional time of the year (not to sound like the Grinch). Yes, holiday cheer is real and should be focused on loved ones coming together to celebrate life. However, the holiday season is also the time of the year when rates of depression in the US rise. 

Stress eating can be a huge cause of holiday weight, so one way to avoid this is by de-stressing. 

Meditation, yoga, running, and journaling are all great de-stressers. Yoga and running also provide amazing workouts for your body and will help keep you in shape. 

Getting enough sleep is also extremely important to lower levels of stress. Prioritize your sleep and do your best to keep on a healthy sleep schedule.

2. Stay Hydrated

Making sure to drink enough water every day is essential to staying fit during the holidays. Our brains can confuse dehydration with hunger, so while we might not notice we are overeating until we drink enough water and our brains tell us we’re full. Drink one large glass of water before every meal and six to eight glasses of water throughout the day. When you know you’re about to eat a calorie-rich meal, drink two glasses of water. 

3. Keep Moving Your Body

When it’s cold outside, it can be tempting to sit inside and do nothing but binge watch a new series all day. Sitting for long periods of time is terrible for our health, so one great tip to stay fit during the holidays is to keep moving your body. 

Getting up and walking around for just five minutes every 30 to 60 minutes can reduce risk of heart disease and diabetes. Performing light activity, such as stretching or doing squats is also recommended. 

4. Plan Ahead

If you know that you have a large, high-calorie meal ahead of you, plan your meals up until that one that are healthier and lighter. Stick to your plan and try not to deviate too much. 

5. Exercise!

While this may be obvious, it’s listed here for a reason! Getting daily exercise is a crucial tip to stay fit during the holidays. You don’t have to spend four hours per day in the gym, just as long as you stay consistent and dedicated to getting your workout in every day. 

6. Communicate to Your Loved Ones

If you plan on staying fit during the holidays, it is very important to communicate with your loved ones about it. Tell your friends, family, or significant other that this is important to you and that you would appreciate their support. When staying fit, you have to make some tough decisions and some people might not understand unless you outright tell them. Surrounding yourself with understanding people who support your health decisions is far better than surrounding yourself with people who have no idea what your goals are and can possibly become bad influences. 

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