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The Positives of Working Out With A Partner (Or In a Group)

Guest post written by Darcy Cudmore

Everyone is different when it comes to their workouts and what they like or dislike. It’s all about personal preference and trial & error to find the routine that best fits you and leads to optimal results.

However, some people are afraid to experiment and will not jump out of their comfort zone to see if something else helps them reach a whole new workout level. One of those things is oftentimes related to working out by yourself or with a partner (or in a group). Many people are determined to workout by themself and won’t even try working out with a partner. But why?

It can be a great way to work out and often leads to very positive results for you, as well as the person(s) you’re working out with.

Here a few positives of working out with a partner:

1) Motivate Each Other.

This is the biggest (and most obvious) positive to working out with a partner. You can push each other to keep going when you need it, give an extra boost of positivity when you need it, and scream at you when you need to get through one more set but feel exhausted.

Motivation is a big factor in how we succeed (or fail) at our fitness regimen and a partner can really help you through the hurdles you encounter. The power of positivity is very real when it comes to working out, and you can both be there for each other when a bit of negativity starts to slip into things.

2) Hold Each Other Accountable

If you know a partner is going to be at the gym the next morning, you won’t want to be the only one who bailed. They are counting on you to be there as a motivator to them, and you are counting on them to be a motivator for you.

Together you can hold each other accountable and make sure you’re both doing what you set out to do.

3) Compete With Them

A little healthy competition never hurt, did it? And the same goes for in the gym when you have someone there you can compete against.

As long as you keep it healthy and friendly, it will feel good to have someone you can compete against to run the farthest, lift the most, or lose the most weight. Just remember: you are both doing good and, as long as you are both hitting the gym, there are no losers.

4) More Enjoyable

Another big positive to working out with a partner is how much more enjoyable your workouts are with another person. You can socialize, gossip, vent, chit-chat, and more. Sometimes, after a nice workout with a partner, I’ll have forgotten all about the stress I was feeling earlier and leave the gym feeling completely rejuvenated.

Bottom Line: Try working out with a partner!

I’m not saying working out with a partner is for everyone. There are actually a ton of benefits to working out alone as well, but I think you have to give it a try to see what works best for you.

Try to find a partner who will fit well with you and help you get the most out of each workout. Try to find someone who you envision fitting into the 4 things I listed above. If someone comes to mind, then great. You could be well on your way to finding the perfect workout partner for you.

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