The 6 Best Affordable Non-Slip Yoga Mats

Every dedicated yogi will agree that having an amazing non-slip yoga mat has been life changing for their yoga practice. The difference between a great non-slip mat and a cheap mat is the difference between a beautiful, energizing, and positive experience and a frustrating, wet, and distracting mess. 

Purchasing a good quality non-slip yoga mat does not have to be a huge investment. There are many amazing non-slip yoga mats in the price range of $100-$200. While hundreds of yogis around the world will agree that it is definitely worth it, there are also great non-slip mats at more affordable prices.

Whether you are new to yoga or go to heated power vinyasa classes every single day, a quality non-slip mat is essential to your practice. 

For those of you who are not yogis, yet require a mat for at-home exercise, having a non-slip mat is just as important. These mats are comfortable to stand or lie down on and also provide a stable foundation as you work up a sweat. Squats, lunges, planks, and every other complicated exercise you can think of will be safer to perform if you are not slipping all over the place. 

They are also great for pilates and barre enthusiasts. 

Here are the 6 best affordable non-slip yoga mats.

6 Best Affordable Non-Slip Yoga Mats

1. Manduka PRO Yoga Mat


  • Zero-waste yoga mat is great for hot yoga.
  • High Density Cushion for unparalleled experience, joint protection, and versatility on any surface (carpet, cement, hardwood floors).
  • Comfortably cushions spine, hips, knees, and elbows on hard floors. 
  • Closed-Cell Surface to keep out moisture (sweat) from seeping into the mat and breeding bacteria. 
  • Proprietary Dot-Pattern Bottom to resist sliding. 
  • High performance in a lightweight form. 
  • Slip resistant, yet non-sticky, even when wet from perspiration. 
  • Travel-friendly for the yogi on-the-go. 
  • Provides stability on hard or soft surfaces. 
  • Oeko-Tex certified, emissions-free manufacturing. 
  • 100% latex free, and safe to use.
  • Crafted using simple, enduring, natural, and whenever possible, renewable materials and a fine attention to detail.

2. WWWW Yoga Mat


  • PIDO Yoga mat is made of premium TPE eco friendly material by SGS certified Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE) are generally low modulus, flexible materials that can be stretched repeatedly providing superior durability, cushioning and slip-resistance.
  • Special sticky non slip texture on both sides and density higher than ordinary yoga mats, provides excellent traction and superior grip, best suitable to practice many forms of yoga. 
  • Non-slip on wood floor, tile floor, or cement floor.
  •  Durable, no latex, high strength of tear resistance, and moisture resistant.
  • Offers adequate space to fit any type of exercise like yoga, pilates, bikram and fitness exercise 
  • 6 mm extra thick, high density provides excellent cushioning and resilience

3. Heathyoga Non-Slip


  • New Eco Friendly Material – More expensive but worth it. TPE is the latest technological improvement to the traditional yoga mats. No latex, no PVC, or any heavy metal. 
  • Mats are made of SGS certified TPE material which is non-slip, odorless and excellent in cushioning, unlike those cheap & traditional non-green PVC, NBR or EVA yoga mats. 
  • They are truly eco-friendly, healthy.
  • Body Alignment System: The alignment lines help you to focus and adjust your hands and feet to the accurate position, and keep your body in proper alignment.
  • Perfect Performance – 6mm in thickness offers the most comfortable experience for all level yogis. 
  • Double layer structure design provides optimal grip, excellent cushioning and double-sided non-slip texture, best suitable to practice many forms of Yoga.
  • Extra Large Size: 72″(183cm) x 26″ (65cm); Thickness: 6mm; Weight: 2.8lb (Approx). Longer and wider than regular yoga mats, ideal almost for everyone. Velcro strap and Carrying strap included.

4. Dralegend Yoga Mat 


  • Eco friendly and skin friendly material.
  • Made of premium TPE, Dralegend yoga mat solves many problems with other materials – unlike rubber and PVC, it’s odorless, much more resilient, incredibly lightweight, extra soft to practice on and anti-skid.
  • Upgraded with a non-slip texture for optimal grip on both sides, you can practice yoga in many forms on wood/tile/cement floor without any worries. 
  • When dripping sweat, the TPE material absorbs moisture, reducing the risk of injury and keeping you cool and cozy in any session.
  • 6mm(0.24 inch), keeping things especially grippy and safe – even durable, offering plenty of support with just the right amount of cushion for your joints and knees.
  • Easy to clean and ideal size – wipe it with soap water, and rinse under water. 
  • 72 x 26 x 0.24 inch.
  • Lightweight and portable.

5. TOPLUS Yoga Mat


  • Eco friendly material – made with premium TPE friendly material. It costs more to make, however it’s worth it when you compare it to the traditional non-green PVC, NBR and EVA yoga mats. 
  • TPE material offers the latest technological improvement over traditional yoga mats.
  • Yoga mat double-sided sticky non-slip texture provides excellent traction and superior grip, best suitable to practice many forms of yoga. 
  • Non slip on wood floor, tile floor, cement floor.
  • 6mm in thickness offers the most comfortable experience for all level yogis.
  • Guaranteed to provide the optimal level of cushion and protection for your joints and knees while still allowing you to grip the floor for balance.
  • Light enough to carry to the gym or anywhere you want with the included carrying strap. 
  • DIMENSION: 72-inch x 24-inch x 6mm. Weight: 35oz
  • ONE-YEAR hassle free warranty.

6. Gonex Yoga Mat


  • Body Alignment System: Gonex Yoga Mat is uniquely designed with an alignment system, helping you focus & adjust your hands, feet and central body to the accurate position. Make your yoga practice more effective & targeted.
  • Eco-Friendly TPE Material: Made from technologically improved eco-friendly TPE material, our mats are superior to other non-green PVC, NBR or EVA yoga mats.
  • Increased polyester binding adds durability & high-end outlook to the mat.
  • Anti-Slip Texture: The mat surface & anti-skid back mat with clear texture have strong slip resistance and provide optimal grip, making you show your yoga posture confidently.
  • Standard Size: Size: 72″x 24″ Gonex Yoga Mat has the standard size to fit almost everyone.
  • Versatile: Lightweight and portable TPE yoga mat, is perfect for yoga, pilates and floor exercise at home or studio.

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