Ryan Compton

This week’s beast is Ryan Compton, an Amateur Bodybuilder looking to go big on the international scene in years to come! We wanted to catch up with him this week to learn more about what it’s like to become a bodybuilder, what his diet looks like and what makes a bodybuilder unique.

The reason why we thought Ryan Compton’s story was so compelling is due to the fact that he was previously overweighted and simply killed it in the past couple years. He first started training to simply loose weight and he turned out to find his true passion and become the man that he is now. A true and inspiring story from a real Beast (even his thumbs are the size of a banana).

Beast of the Week 

1- What got you into BodyBuilding?

I first got into bodybuilding about a year ago. I set out on a goal of losing some weight and just becoming overall healthier. I fell in love with the gym and working out. Seeing my progress, it became a passion of mine to push my body to its limit and see what it is capable of. About a year into my journey I realized I had always wanted to compete. I spent my entire life overweight and being able to get my body to a point of being on stage and competing with others seemed impossible. When I realized how hard work pays off, I started to work toward competing.

2- What has it been like since starting? Is it harder than you first thought?

Since starting it has definitely gotten easier. Being overweight starting in the gym, I was self conscious and would only do cardio. Once I lost a few pounds I felt comfortable moving on to lifting. That’s when I found my passion. It has been nothing short of astonishing to see where I started and where I am now. It is tough to push yourself every single day, the weights get heavier as time goes on but that also means I am improving.

3- In your opinion, what’s the hardest part of being a bodybuilder?

For me, the hardest part of being a bodybuilder is definitely the mental aspect. Going from a shredded physique to a bulking phase plays on your mind big time. You have to eat so many calories daily to put on muscle mass. Sometimes I look in the mirror and see a little too much ‘fluff’ for my satisfaction but I keep reminding myself that it is part of the process. I can’t walk around at 7% body fat all of the time and expect to see muscle gains.

4- What does your diet currently look like?

My diet currently consists of 1.5g of protein per pound of body weight, 1.5-2g of carbs per pound, and 0.5g per pound of fat per pound of body weight. Mostly I eat all clean calories, oatmeal, whole grain pasta, etc and I use some meal replacements so I can hit those macros. Excess of 3000 calories a day is a tall order when they’re clean calories.

5- Who inspires you both in life and in the industry?

I’m inspired by Tony Robbins in life. The guy has been so successful in changing people’s lives. He used a hard childhood as fuel to a fire to change his life and others when he could have rolled over and let his childhood defeat him. In the fitness industry, I am inspired by 2 people. The Rock being the first one, he gives 110% day in and day out, such a humble guy. Craig Capurso is another guy that inspires me. He has been extremely successful in bodybuilding and taking the next step in his journey he transitioned to crossfit. I admire that because it’s like starting to walk all over again

6- What does your daily routine look like?

my daily routine consists of eating and working out, spending time with my wife and dogs, being active. I work full time as a registered nurse so fitting in gym time after a 12-hour shift has become a constant routine. Never easy but without putting in work, I won’t reach my goal

7- What should we expect from Jason in 2017?

In 2017, you can expect me to continue putting in work so I can have my body in a state where I am ready to compete. I am looking forward to registering for an amateur show in 2018.

8- Please, Give one tip to our readers that you wish you knew when you first started BodyBuilding

If I had one tip for anyone I would say it’s all a process and it takes time. When I first started I became obsessed with dripping as much weight as fast as possible and building back up as fast as possible. It takes time and it takes a lot of work. Put in the work and reap the rewards, enjoy the journey!

Nutrition is #1. Don’t sell yourself short because of a bad diet. You wouldn’t put water in a vehicle and expect it to run, so why would you do the same with your body? Fuel yourself properly and training is much easier

9- Is there one quote that motivates you on a daily basis

Be somebody that nobody thought you could be’

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