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6 Killer Abs Exercises

If you came to find a way to lose that beer belly you have, or if maybe you just had a child and are looking to re-build killer abs, this is the perfect article for you. There are no shortcuts to having beautiful, strong and powerful abs but to work insanely hard every day. If you have the motivation and do the exercises we will show you in this article I promises you, you will have the body of your dreams and everybody will look at you at the beach.

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Here are the keys to building killer abs;

Use Heavy Weights

First of all, you need to know that simple sit-ups won’t cut it. Or as you will, won’t cut your fat into a six-pack. The key to getting killer abs is to constantly do sets of different heavy weight exercises, 4 to 5 time a week.

1-Zercher Holds

Lets start with the famous Zecher Holds, which is probably one of the hardest exercise ever invented. Every rep will make you feel your intra-abdominal pressure like never before. The trick with this exercise is to hold your stance for a good 5 to 10 seconds all depending on your strength and your level of comfort. If this is your first workout in a while, start at 5 and before you know you’ll have build killer abs and will hold it for a good 10 seconds.

-Tense your abs has hard as possible
-Squeeze your shoulders like if your life depends on it
(if you cant, simply lower your back)
-Never lean back has you might hurt your back



2-Anderson Squats

The second heavy weight exercise that will help you build killer abs is the Anderson Squat. What you basically have to do is to start the squat from the down position.

The thing with this exercise it to actually get in the start position and to then get impulsion from that very position.



3-Overhead squats

Make sure you are using a support machine with pins for this one. Stand up, bend your knees like in asquat position, hold the bar over your head, and then count to 5.

This is great for your abs but also for stability – make sure you tense your abs before starting the exercise.

*Rack Pulls*

First, you have to set up strong pins just below your knee height. Then, put the bar on it and set yourself up. You will want to bend your knees for this exercise to make sure you don’t hurt your back.

From that point simply take the bar and lift it up until your whole body is straight, hold it for about 5 seconds, drop the bar until it touches the pin. Repeat.

We recommend doing sets of 8 reps.


4-Farmer Walk

To build a complete mid-section one the most important exercise that people are not aware of are loaded carries.

Two exercises that work extremly well with loaded carries is the so-call “farmer walk”.

In all honesty, I believe this the hardest exercises in this list, but buy far my favorite to build killer abs. Never do I feel like I work my midsection more then when performing this insane exercise.

For those not familiar with it, first you will need A LOT of space. Take a loaded carry in your arms and walk for about 30 to 40 yards. At the end of the 40 yards, drop the bar, and take a 30 second rest before doing it again. There are no particular number of reps recommended has it really depends of the wieght you have put on. But again, less weight and more reps is always better then to do more then you can handle only once.

Tip: Always do the same distance with the same weight and time your self. Keep a log of your sets to see if you’re getting faster.

I like to always do 8 reps (8 x 40yards carry) and will use 225 pounds carries. I time my self for the 8 reps and keep log so I can compare if for example i’m doing better on my last rep then I use too.



5- Rack Pulls

Firs,t make sure you set up the pins correctly then set up your weights on the bar. Get in a good squat position grip the bar solidly. At that point all you have to do is pull the bar upward, get your body in straight line position and hold it for 5 seconds. Bring the bar down until it touches the pins and then repeat.



The bar should be at a height equivalent to your kneecap

Use the correct form so you don’t injure your back

Hold the position for a good 5 seconds



6- Cable Rotation

This exercise is quite easy to execute but will definitely help you get the results you are looking for.

First, hold the cable with both hands. Make sure their are in full extension in front of you and about 6 inches under your shoulders.

Then, all while keeping your arms straight and forcing your absrotate your body at 90 degrees all while keeping your feet in the same position. Remember that we are working on your midsection, so force your abs and stand still while rotating.



Conclusion to get Killer abs

In conclusion, it’s important that you understand that the best way to get killer abs is to train regularly and properly. All the exercises mentioned above are completely useless if you don’t train the right way and many times per week. The key to any workout is commitment and motivation if you truly are looking to get that killer beach body you need to make you sure you do anything you can in order to make it happen. This means less alcohol, a better routine, and lots of motivation.


If you still feel relentless, here are our favorite Motivational Quotes

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