how to loose weight fast

4 Amazing Tips on How to Loose Weight Fast

Loosing weight shouldn’t only be a new year resolution and neither should it stop you from living the good life.  The plan here to loose weight fast by hitting the gym 2 times a day for a week.  Either, we will recommend small changes you can make in your everyday life that will help you get results.  Let’s be frankly honest, change doesn’t happen by itself, you will have to cut on fast food and exercise a bit, but it’s definitely doable.

The first thing you will need to do, even before you read this article, is to convince yourself that you can do it.  We can give you all the tips in the world, but if you don’t hold that grudge to change and that willingness to make a difference, nobody can do it for you.

If at this point you are still hesitating, we strongly recommend watching this motivational video.  It’s not about motivation yourself to exercise but more about motivating yourself in your everyday life.  We like, at Workout and Fitness to watch before every monthly meeting to remind us that in order to accomplish great things, we must first believe and envision the results and the goal we are trying to reach.

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How to loose weight fast

So now that you are pumped up and ready to do what is necessary to succeed, here are the best tips to help you loose weight fast.

Cut on sodium

loose weight fast sodium

We talked about it, to loose weight fast, you need to change your diet.  The most important (and probalby hardest) thing to cut on is sodium. Most of sodium you will eat in a week is either from commercial food or fast food, the second being obviously the worst. So it goes without thinking to say that if you planned to eat out this week, and have no other choice, look for low sodium food.

[Hint: Salad is always a good choice, but look out for dressing.
Cesar is in my mind the most popular and the worst for your diet]

What cutting sodium will do for you is simple, it will help you loose extra water weight and bloat. The recommanded, if you are able to keep up with it, is 500 mg per day.

You can visit this website to find 24 Recipes containing low-sodium


Eat whole food

By following this easy tip not only are you following one of the best weight loss tip, but you are also giving your body what is considered the “cleanest fuel”.  Your body digest and metabolize this type of food much easier. Meaning you will sleep better, feel less full and more energetic.

Recommended food :
Starchy vegetables


Bitter is Better

A good way to loose weight is to eat bitter tasting food with pretty much every meal.  To go along with what we previously said and to help eat such food if you’re not such a fan of bitter food, mix what ever you have under hand in an omelette.

Why bitter food ; well because bitter food stimulates saliva, gastric juice, and bile secretions which helps your body burn fat and digest better.  It’s also considered as some of the best food in terms of vitamins and calcium.

Recommended food :

Greens (Collard & Mustard)


Exercise (early in the morning)

Food is the first step to loose weight fast, but you can’t think of accomplishing a such goal without exercising.  If you feel discouraged at this point, you might want to watch the video above again to get it going.

What we recommend is to do some exercise when ever you have time, the best is really to get it going in the morning, and then do some small exercices during the day … even at work.

Here are a few tips to help you


High intensity ab work – 5mins
Hold the plank – 60 secs
Do the chair – 60 secs


loose weight fast plank abs workout

The Plank



At work
Take the stairs
Get up every hour and take a walk around – 2 min
Seated leg raiser
Squat (20 times … if possible)


loose weight fast office workout

Office Workout


After work

Sets of push ups
(25x normal, 25x wide, 25x hand under chin)
Repeat 3 times
Jumping Jacks – 50 reps
Spider Lunges – 20 reps


loose weight fast spider lunges






The spider Lunges


Of course you probably understood by now, that these are all suggestions and that you are free to change any given exercices for others depending on your condition. It’s also important for every one of you to step it up, but please don’t cross the line.  Your body is talking to you at all time, chances are some of you haven’t trained in months.  If this is your case, start slowly are do more reps as days goes by and as you start feeling better.  I hope I don’t have to say that if you have a heart condition, consulting your doctor before starting a new program.

For those of you looking to step it up a notch, and that are motivated enough to turn their life around in 3 months, we recommend starting the famous Mi40X. The results speaks for themselves, of course, it takes a lot more work, and time.  But for those of you who can afford it, this is money well invested !

loose weight fast mi40x p90x

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We all think that we never have time for such things, but we’re talking about your life here … if you are totally out of shape this might be time to reconsider your priorities.

Loosing weight fast, takes dedication and determination.  Many try, many fail. Don’t be one of them. We trully hope you will be able to use the tips you just read and turn them into results and loose weight fast.

If it do please don’t hesitate to post pictures of your self before and after on our Facebook page to motivate the rest of the W&S community!

No regrets!

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