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6 Cheap Battle Ropes that Do the Trick

In this article, we will recommend cheap battle ropes for sale at the best price anywhere.

For those unfamiliar with battle ropes, these are the ropes athletes use in videos to get a full upper body workout. It’s probably one of the most fun pieces of exercise equipment, hands down.

Battle ropes help you work on core strength but also on stamina, which is a big factor in overall fitness.

Despite the fact that we mostly see men using these ropes in videos, it can be a great tool for any women. The trick is to pick the right weight for you and do more reps at a higher speed.

You might get to wonder why some of the battle ropes are so expensive. It’s mainly due to the fabric of the rope. So in order to help our readers, we have tested several cheap battle ropes that fit perfectly into any budget.

Buying Guide – Cheap Battle Ropes

#1 Zenny Black

6 cheap battle roaps

The Zeny Black Battle Rope is considered has one of the best on the market by many trainers. This 3 stands cord is quite durable and has resistant has it gets. You can leave it outside under the rain if necessary with no problem.

The waterproof sleeve ensures the cord stays in optimal condition. The end of the roap has a solid grip and the yellow line makes it a bit unique in its style. It’s also available in a range of weights depending on your needs and strength.

The Comie battle rope is available in a range of weights and lengths starting at 1.5 inches in diameter and 30 feet long (16.47 pounds). The heavy-duty model is 2 inches in diameter, 50 feet long and 47.4 pounds. The Comie is a well-priced, high-quality battle-rope.


  1. comes in different length (30, 40 & 50)
  2. 100% Poly Dacron
  3. Heat Shrink Caps on the ends


  1. Grip Is actually a little bit less than 1.5″
  2. Ropes are quite stiff

#2 Valor Braided

Cheap Battle Roaps
The Valor Braided is constructed in an almost unique synthetic material which makes it amazingly resistible. Unlike many other ropes on the market, this one will never fray and undoubtedly break. The rope is thick, smooth and allows for a nice and solid grip. You can easily create waves and get fast results with this product.

The Valtor offers a great alternative to well known and too expensive brand. No fuss, no marketing, just pure fitness goods to help you.


  1. Heavy Duty Constrution
  2. Made in USA
  3. Amazing Price for quality


  1. No Customer Service
  2. Only comes in one weigth (30 lbs)

#3 NexProCheap Battle Ropes

This cheap battle ropes comes with a 1.5′ grip and 3 different length (30, 40 and 50 feet). This rope is made from top quality polypropylene which is a heavy- duty material. The fiber construction provides great quality and helps the roap last for a long time.

Made from the highest quality polypropylene, these heavy duty metabolic trainers are 50 feet long. The synthetic fiber construction provides a long lasting, sturdy material that you can rely on to power through the toughest training session. Unlike manila natural fiber versions, you won’t get any fraying with the OneFit Wonder.


  1. 3 different lenght (30, 40, 50 feet)
  2. Fiber Construction
  3. Made from quality polypropylene


  1. Only one grip size (1.5′)
  2. Only comes in one weight (30 lbs)

#4 Fenhomy Battle Rope

Cheap Battle Ropes

The fenhomy poly battle-rope is constructed from 100 polydacron and is also made of 3 strands meaning the cord will slipp less and will offer great control. An amazing feature is the free anchor reinforced nylon webbing made to stand loads of 1,500 lbs. Ideal for any heavy and brutal workout.


  1. Waterproof
  2. Less expensive in the list of cheap battles ropes
  3. Good for small spaces


  1. Not the best quality
  2. Grip might hurt the hand after a couple months

#5 Circuit Workout

Cheap Battle Ropes

We won’t lie, the circuit workout is by far our favorite and cheap battle rope in this list. It offers two 2″ nylon anchor straps with outstandingly strong webbing. This rope is not only made from high-quality PolyDracon, it also comes with a Nylon sleeve to prevent it from wearing down. It’s also waterproof and designed for solid CrossFit workouts


  1. Beautifully made
  2. Super strong
  3. Best Grip on the market


  1. Might feel heavy to some people
  2. Grip might hurt the hand after a couple months

#6 Elite SRS

Cheap Battle RopesThis battle rope is quite cheap for everything it offers. Made from propylene it offers outstanding durability and a long life cycle. Not only does it come in multiple colors, but it also offers two different grip sizes (1,5″ and 2″) with 3 different lenghts (30ft, 40ft and 50f)


  1. Amazing combinations (4 colors, 2 grips 3 lenghts)
  2. Made from Propylene and is durable
  3. 1.5′ and 2′ Grips


  1. Average Customer Service
  2. Shipping takes 7-10 business days

Now, we hope that you have found the perfect rope from this list of 6 cheap Battle Ropes. To help you further more, here are some pretty cool exercises to start with your new rope. This should definitely get you in your top shape.

Cheap Battle Roaps Recommended Exercises

Double Wave

arms – shoulders – back

How to
1 – Grab each side of the cord
2- stand still, bend your kness,
3- While keeping the position
make waves with the cord

Wave Lunge Jump

arms – shoulders – Leg

How to
1 – Do like you would with a regular lung
2- Step a leg back  then jump
3- Alternate
4- All while doing this movement, wave the roap

180° Jump

Torso, Leg, Shoulders

How to
1 – Stand up, and hold both end of the roap
2- Jump and make a 180° rotation
3- Swing the roap while jumping so it comes back in front of you
4- Repeat in the opposite direction

These exercises will help you work on general strength, impulsion and coordination. It will be hard in the beginning, has it’s a tough set of exercise to do. But stay motivated and keep going on, usually in 2 weeks you get quite comfortable and strat seeing definite results.

Tips for these Cheap Battle Ropes

It’s important to note that iff you do not have the place in your house for swinging roaps but are still looking to improve your overall body condition, we would recommend consulting this article and this article.

Bosu Balls and Racks are both super useful and will definitely help you get in great shape.  Using any of these tools in your everyday workout can be very useful to help you work on almost every part of your body.


Hopefully, you have now found a great rope from this list of cheap Battle Ropes.  If you are still hesitating as if this is a good investment and have more questions, don’t hesitate to write us as it will be our pleasure to guide you through the buying process.

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