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Bosu Exercises Guide

If you have been reading our blog, you already know that we are huge fans of Bosu Balls. What is a Bosu Ball? Fun fact – Bosu stands for both side utilized and was invented by David Weck in 1999. It’s basically a half round ball that can be utilized on both sides that allows athletes to do a series of free-weight exercises and help them get in shape. Bosu Exercises are perfect for improving both your overall strength and your global balance. Exercises can be done either standing, on the floor, sitting, or in balance on the actual ball.  As you will see from the graphics below, Bosu Exercises can be added to any routine to make it more complete and compelling has many athletes don’t like to use weights since it can cause different incomforts and injuries.

It’s important to note at this point that Bosu Exercises can be perfectly executed by both beginners and elite athletes, and both will see significant results. Not only are these next exercises fun and different from what you usually do during your workout, they are also great to get a full-body workout with this single piece of equipment. SO, if you’re ready to go forward, here are Bosu exercises you will want to incorporate in your current routine.

List of Bosu Exercises

Push Ups

workout best bosu exercises push up

First, you need to turn to Bosu ball around (the rubber side on the floor) in order to start this exercise. With your wrist under your shoulders, like when you perform regular push-ups, place your hands outside the rim and put yourself in the plank position. Spread your feet and push yourself up and down until your chin touches the ledge. Do it slowly and focus on your form and your balance.

Side Plank

best workout bosu exercises forearm side plank

Set the Bosu ball down with the side on the floor and the rubber face facing up. First, get on the side, and put your forearm on the rubber form and extend your feets to the maximum. Tighten your legs and lift up and down with your arm. You will feel pressure on your shoulder and the side of your body. We recommend holding for 20 to 30 seconds depending on your level. When doing so you will feel the burn, if you do, it’s great, it means that it’s working!

The bridge

best workout bosu exercises forearm side plank bridge

Like the Side plank, you need to to the ball flat side down. Afterward, lay on your back on the ground and put both of your feet flat on the ball with one leg bent has the other leg should point at a 45° angle. Once you’re in position, move your hip up and down without having your butt touch the floor. Do this movement repeatedly but slow, it’s important to know that the key with Bosu Exercises is speed. There is no need to go has fast as possible, it’s much better to take your time and do it in the best possible form.

The Mountain

best workout bosu exercises forearm side plank bridge mountain

Place the ball upside-down with the flat side facing the ceiling. First, you will want to start in the classic push-up position like in the first exercise. While keeping your hands in place, drive on knee up towards the Bosu Ball and then bring it back to it’s original position. Do the same with the other leg. In this exercise, if you feel comfortable, you can up the speed and the time to get better results. But again, the key with Bosu exercises and pretty much any exercise is to workout within your personal limits. What you want to avoid at all costs are injuries.


best workout bosu exercises forearm side plank bridge mountain

Place the Bosu flat on the floor, stand behind the ball and step on the rubber side with one leg. The once it’s on, lean forward until your knee almost touches the ground. It will feel weird, has the Bosu is soft, but this will help you with your balance in the long term. Don’t forget to always keep your knee behind your opposite foot, and then come back to the original position. Do the same with the other leg until the end of your set.


best workout bosu exercises forearm side plank bridge mountain burpee

Has you can see on the picture, this picture needs to be done in three distinct movement. First, stand up with the Bosu in your hands, afterward, while keeping your hands on the platform, put it on the floor and then stand in a plank position. At this point, you should get up, but if you want to take this exercise to another level we recommend bringing both feet undery ou at the same time while jumping, this will also allow you to work your legs as well as your arms, your impulsion and your balance.

Interesting Videos to Help You

Best Bosu balls

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