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7 Best Treadmills For Sales

A treadmill is usually the first purchase you’ll make when you either want to get back in shape or build a home gym.  As you’ve probably guessed, this piece of equipment can be very expensive.  That is the reason we have decided to make a list for you of the 11 best treadmills for sales right now on internet.

You will find in this article full reviews, tips and pro’s and con’s of the best treadmills for sales.  But before getting into the review, let us introduce you to some basics of using a treadmills and the benefits you will see from using your treadmill frequently.

Best Treadmills For Sales

How to burn more calories

  • Do shorter workouts, but change the intensity by including speed intervals
  • Gradually increase your speed throughout your workout
  • Once or twice a week, change it a bit, and instead run a longer distance at the same pace

How to get stronger

  • Incline the angle of the treadmill every 15-20 minutes
  • At different point, slow the pace down and take bigger steps
  • Let go of the handles (if your health allows you) and pump your arms

How to increase running speed

  • Every week, incorporate faster tempo runs.  At a point you without noticing you will have gain 2-3 mph’s
  • Use different splits.  This means running half of the distance at a speed, and the other half faster.
  • Inclining the treadmill will also help you gain speed.

Harder cardio workout

  • Increase knee drive, pull harder, and higher.  Right after the first session you will feel the difference
  • Add some resistance (Yes, you will sweat !!!)
  • Do more then run.  After your run session, turn it off and so squats and lunges.

Safety tips

  • Always slow down before getting off the treadmill.  Even if the phone is ringing, don’t jump out, you will feel dizzy and you could at some point fall in awkward ways and hit your head
  • Always look ahead of you.  If you don’t you might miss a step and fall down hard
  • Don’t rely on handrails, this could affect you elbow and shoulders on the long term.
  • NEVER go barefoot, it is always recommand to wear running shoes.

If you don’t know which shoes to use we have writing articles on the matter.

For men

Best Running Shoes For Men

For Women

Best Running Shoes for Women

Now that we have cover the basics of how to use your treadmill, here are

The 7 Best Treadmills For Sales

#1 Sunny Health&Fitness Treadmill

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales sunny health fitness

Was 399$ is NOW 299$
100$ Discount

Let me tell you, The Sunny health and fitness model, is rarely on sales, this is a great opportunity.  This treadmill has been the #1 selling treadmill on amazon for a long time.  It might not be the biggest discount of the list, but with this model you are sure to get the best quality for your buck.


  1. 9 built-in workout programs
  2. Handrail controls P
  3. Phone/table holder
  4. Easy folding mechanism
  5. Features an LCD screen that tracks your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories

#2 Weslo Cadence R 5.2 Treadmill

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales welsh cadence r 52

Was 499$ is NOW 309$
190$ Discount

The Weslo Cadence 5.2 offers one of the best deal you will find this year.  The price is currently almost 40% down as you can score this treadmill on sales at 309$ instead of 499$. Quite impressive.
This model as a sturdy frame and feels solid even when running fast. Only negative point is that its a little noisier than other more expensive treadmills, but it’s nothing to be absolutely concerned about.  The price clearly wage for this little inconvenient.

From the whole list this one is probably the best treadmill for sales to use for beginners and intermediate runners.


  1. The Impulse Max motor delivers power for interval, speed, or endurance training.
  2. Can stretch from a 16-inch to a 50-inch deck
  3. Offers Comfort Cell Cushioning
  4. Features an LCD screen that tracks your speed, time, distance, pulse and calories

#3 500W Portable Electric Folding Treadmill

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales 500w portable

Was 349$ is NOW 194$
155$ Discount

The 500W model is quite interesting as you can fold it manually allowing you to make it fit in very small spaces, and you can easily take it out and start using it when necessary.  As the name mentions it, this treadmills contains an extremely low noise 500W motor and a safety emergency stop key for your safety if you would ever feel some sort of discomfort while running.


  1. multi-function display that allows to track one’s progress in speed, distance, and calories burned
  2. Foam covered handrails for safety & comfort
  3. Contains rolling wheels on the bottom providing simple transport
  4. Excessively light

#4 Horizon Fitness T101-04 Treadmill

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales fitness t101-04

Was 999$ is NOW 649$
350$ Discount

The Horizon Fitness T101-04 was  “Rated by the Treadmill Doctor as one of the “Best Buys” in its category”, which makes it very interesting for anyone looking for a top quality treadmill.  Especially at this moment as you can score a, never seen before, 350$ discount.  This treadmill offers a great frame that don’t shake and that looks amazingly good.

The really cool feature that you should know about is the COOL fit fitness fan, that gives industry changing comfort while you run.

After trying dozens of treadmills, it’s this feature, combined with the discount that convinced me to buy for my personal gym.


  1. The famous COOL fit fitness fan
  2. Folds easily
  3. Speeds goes up to 10mph and inclines up to 10°
  4. Comes with 30 program options
  5. The Variable Response Cushioning deck provides amazing shock absorption

#5 Sole Fitness F80


workout and supplements best treadmills for sales sole fitness f80

Was 2,499$ is NOW 1,399$
1,100$ Discount

Now, we’ve already talked about some of the best treadmills for sales, but it’s hard to sleep on a thousand dollar deal !!!  The sole fitness is obviously an high end and top of the line treadmills.  It now sells at the price of a good one.

It’s like getting a Ferrari at the price of a Cadillac !


  1. 0.5-to-12 MPH speed range 0-to-15% rack-and-pinion gear design incline
  2. 0-to-15% incline
  3. Scrolling messages to guide you through workout
  4. Pulse grip and chest strap heart rate monitoring
  5. MP3-compatible sound system

#6 LifeSpan TR 1200i

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales lifespan tr 1200i

Was 1,499$ is NOW 969$
530$ Discount

The technology in the LifeSpan TR 1200i is quite interesting.  It includes a safe and convenient handlebar controls, which let you control your speed and incline directly from the handlebars.  (Like we said earlier don’t hold on to them at all time, but this features is easier to use than having to play on the screen while running full speed).


  1. Screen tracks progress (time, speed, calories, etc.)
  2. Automatically saves workout results for you to compare
  3. Calculates heart rate
  4. Access to a full set of detailed reports and fun facts
  5. High-quality speakers (You can even connect you i-devices)

#7 Sunny Health & Fitness SF-T1414

workout and supplements best treadmills for sales sunny health fitness sf t1414

 Was 1,449$ is NOW 1,295$
153$ Discount

Sunny Health as brought an high-end model in The Fitness SF-T1414. The reason this model is more expensive is due to its size and the quality of the product.  It’s one of the easiest model on the market to set up & fold.


  1. Incline range of 0-15%
  2. Built-in speakers with MP3 integrated
  3. Maximum running speed , 11mph
  4. Soft Drop System for safe unfolding
  5. 7 inch LCD that displays Time, Speed, Distance, etc.

We definitely hope this list of the best treadmills for sales helped you make your choice !  As you’ve probably guessed, items are not always on sales, and some other items are sometimes priced down.

So in order of making your life easier we will update this list frequently to make sure you don’t miss any deals on the best treadmills for sales.

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