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7 Best Crossfit Box in North America

Crossfit has been around for a while now, but only recently have we seen the emergence of this sport. No matter where you live, at least in North America, chances are, there is a Crossfit box near you. As you guessed not all boxes are made equal.  Some are great, some… not so much. Which explains why we thought it would be nice for our readers to see what the best CrossFit box looks like.

When CrossFit became popular, lot’s of people starting going into the industry thinking they could make a quick buck. But things have changed, the competition is fierce and there are still boxes opening almost every week around the country.

Now, we know that by showing off some of the best CrossFit box there are, it won’t make you move to another city. But, by doing so, we hope to show you what a good one should look like so when comes the time to pick one [or a new one] you’ll know what to expect.

We will provide you, with the emplacement, so if you’re ever around you can visit. We will provide you a link to visit the website if you want to know more about the gym and we’ll give you the price, for in US$, for 1 session if you want to visit and so you can compare prices with your local Box.  If your box is breaking apart and they are charging a similar price to any of these one’s, it might be time for you to find a new spot to train.

You will find below a list of the best CrossFit box there is in North America. For some reason, most in this list are based in the US, if you’re Canadian or Mexican and know a great CrossFit box near you, don’t hesitate to send us a picture with the website link. If it’s as nice as the one’s below we’ll add it to the article.  You can also post it on our Facebook page for all our community to see!

With no further notice here is the list of the;

Best CrossFit Box in North America

#1 HyperFit USA

hyperfit crossfit box workout supplements

Ann Arbor, Michigan, USA


Unlimited 199$ / month
3x a week – 155$
1 session : 35$

#2 San Francisco Crossfit

san francisco crossfit workout supplements

San Francisco, California, USA


Rate :
Unlimited 300$ / month
1 session : 30 US$

#3 Crossfit LODO

lodo crossfit box workout supplements

Denver, Colorado, USA


Rate :
Unlimited 135$ / month
1 session : N/A

#4 DEKA CrossFit (Canada)

deka crossfit box workout supplementsWhere: 
Montreal, Quebec, Canada


Rate :
Unlimited: N/A
1 session : 20 CAN$

#5 I AM CrossFit

i am crossfit box workout supplements

South Miami, Florida, USA


Rate :

#6 CrossFit Fenway

fenway crossfit box workout supplements

Boston, Massachuset, USA


Rate :
Unlimited: 325$ / month
1 session : FREE

#7 CrossFit NYC

nyc crossfit box workout supplements country

New York, New York, USA


Rate :
Unlimited: 225$ / month
1 session :
25$ – 8:30 to 5:30
35$ – Before 8:30 & After 5:30

We hope this article gave you a better understanding of what to expect when shopping for the best CrossFit box in your area. As you can see prices vary a bit depending on the city, the emplacement, and the overall quality of the place. But it usually rounds up around 185$ to 250$. You can tell these places have put a lot of efforts to build solid foundations for their members, and shouldn’t settle for anything less, similar to buying a new ring or band.

Working out is not always easy, therefore, it’s a must that you pick a box that makes you feel comfortable, and pushes you to come and train as often as possible. Want more motivation? Put one of these fitness and sports quotes in a place where you get reminded every day, and easy yet very effective tip that works for our team like a charm.

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