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Amanda has an amazing story that we thought all our reader should know about. We first heard of Amanda online, she is in our opinion one of the coach that posts the most original and helpful content there is. Not only is she a great athlete she also is a Three Star qualifying BeachBody Coach. Meaning that if you’re ever looking to get in the best shape of your life, she is the one to contact!

Amanda started her journey as a challenger in a free accountability group with her coach and other athletes. She decided to tackle her biggest mission and what would become her life mission – getting in the best shape of her life and help others do the same! After experiencing the challenge group, she became (in her own words) “OBSESSED!”  She feel in love with other athletes energy,  positivity and constant grind to help each other constantly move forward.

Her hobby became her passion and eventually her profession. And thats how Platinum Dynasty was born! She has had great success ever since has she is now part of the top 1% of beachbody! And fore all these amazing reasons, Amanda is your BEAST OF THE WEEK”

1- What pushed you to become a Health Coach? How did you discover your passion?

I became a mother and had the same struggle most woman have after carrying life in their body, I struggled getting the weight off. I tried going to my apartment gym and taking walks but it wasn’t enough. Then I jumped into using P90X, 3 months and 41lbs gone later and I KNEW I had to share this with others! I wanted other women to feel as successful and strong as I did.

2- Is helping others become the best version of themselves has proven to be harder than you first thought.

Yes, once you have had your own transformation you are running on pure adrenaline, like “why doesn’t everyone do this?!” but it’s all in their own time, they have to be ready.

3- Was is the biggest challenge for a Health Coach like you?

I’d say the biggest challenge was finding out I was pregnant again shortly after losing the weight. It felt like all I had worked for was just stripped away from me.

3.5- If you could give one advice to anyone looking to live their dream of becoming a Health Coach what would it be?

Do it to actually help others. Invest in the people you work with and watch their success like it’s your baby, it’ll be so gratifying!

4- What does your diet currently look like?

I currently follow The 21 Day Fix diet. It’s based on measuring your food in colored tubberware. It’s very easy to follow because you know how many containers you get in a day and what goes into them, so like for protein you know four red containers is what I get a day.

5- Who inspires you both in life and in the industry?

I’m inspired by anyone who wakes up everyday and doesn’t let excuses stop them from getting it done! Yes, it’s hard to add being healthy to your to-do list but if you do it, you’ll always feel like a million bucks.

6- What does your personal daily routine look like?

I’m blessed to only work from and have one of my kids home all day with me. A lot of my day is making snacks for her because she eats like she’s body building ?. I usually do my workout for 30 minutes to an hour around 9am, I’ve already had breakfast and gotten my older kids off to school. I spend the rest of the day working with my team and clients and usually shut down business for the day when I have to pick up my kids from school.

7- What should we expect from Amanda in 2017?

2017, I have some great new products coming and on top of that we are going international! This means that when the locations are released there will be opportunities for more people to join forces with Beachbody and help woman just like I have done.

8- Please, Give one tip to our readers that you give to all your athletes when they first start out.

Take it one thing at a time. Lots of people jump in to fast, their new routine quickly becomes to much and they fail. It’s better to ease into things and get better at juggling them with time. Kinda like when you start a new job they don’t just give you all the things you need to do Day one and walk away. Start slow, workout at your pace and start to take foods and drinks you know aren’t good for you away. Eventually you’ll be a clean eating machine.

9- Is there one quote that motivates you on a daily basis?

“Be impeccable with your word”

Bonus: Can you tell us a funny/awkward story that once happened to an athlete you were training?

I live in Florida, flip flops are pretty much what you will see me in 363 days a year, at home I workout bare foot.
I went to meet a client to do a workout together. I get there and I’m setting up, I go to put my sneakers on and realize I didn’t bring any!
I had to sit the workout out while just helping my client because a gym won’t let you do a thing in flip flops.

#10 What can we find on your website? How can it help other athletes?

On my site I try to share my struggles as a mom staying healthy, healthy recipes and general ideas I have about health. For other athletes it’s a great resource for recipes and working around a busy life.

We highly recommend you visit her website:

To know more about Amanda follow her on Facebook and Youtube.

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