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5 Significant Health Benefits of Vitamin C

This is a guest post written by Johnson Baker

Vitamin C is not naturally found in your body but it provides you several health benefits. This means that your body needs a sufficient amount of vitamin C to enrich your health. You can include GNA naturals exclusive vitamin c capsules in your diet to ensure adequate intake of this vitamin.

This water-soluble vitamin is naturally present in several vegetables and fruits such as broccoli, bell peppers, spinach, kale, kiwi fruit, oranges, and strawberries.

Fruits and veggies are the best sources to obtain vitamin C. However, adults can also take supplements to ensure that your body receives the right amount of nutrients. As a matter of fact, men need 90 mg and women need 75 mg daily intake of vitamin C.

Here are 5 significant health benefits of vitamin C:

1. Gain Control Over High Blood Pressure

Almost one-third of the adult American population struggles with high blood pressure issues. High blood pressure increases the threat of heart ailments and heart ailment is one of the leading death causes.

Regardless of whether you suffer from high blood pressure or not, vitamin C can help lower blood pressure levels.

According to a study, vitamin C supplements can relax blood vessels that transfer blood from the heart to other parts of the body. This helped lower blood pressure levels.

However, in case you face extreme blood pressure issues, then relying entirely on vitamin C supplements is not a great idea.

2. Reduced Risk of Chronic Disease

Antioxidants are molecules that improve the immune system. Antioxidants also protect cells from getting damage from harmful molecules known as free radicals.

Accumulation of these free radicals can trigger oxidative stress which has often been associated with chronic ailments.

Vitamin C possesses powerful antioxidant properties that can toughen your body’s natural defenses.

Regular and sufficient intake of vitamin C can amplify your blood antioxidant levels. This encourages your body’s natural defenses to fight against inflammation.

3. Reduced Risk of Heart Ailments

Heart ailments are one of the primary death causes across the globe. There are different reasons that cause heart diseases such as bad cholesterol levels, high blood pressure, low levels of good cholesterol, and many more.

Vitamin C has properties that can minimize these risk factors which eventually may reduce the chance of a heart ailment.

A study reveals that people who included vitamin C supplements in their diet experienced 25% reduced threat to a heart ailment.

Another research was carried on a couple of individuals who took vitamin C supplements and its impact on their triglyceride levels and blood cholesterol.

The research concluded that vitamin C supplement has a significant impact on blood triglycerides and bad cholesterol.

Make sure that if you have a vitamin C rich diet, then you don’t need to include add-on supplements in your meal.

4. Avoid Iron Deficiency

Iron is yet another essential nutrient that your body needs to carry out several bodily functions. For instance, iron helps to transfer oxygen throughout the body and create red blood cells.

Vitamin C supplements have the potential to enhance the absorption of iron from the meal. Vitamin C offers a helping hand in converting poorly absorbed iron to easily absorb-able iron sources.

These supplements are quite effective for people who indulge in a meat-free diet. Meat is a chief source of iron and a meat-free diet makes it difficult to obtain the much-needed iron consumption.

Vitamin C can help you to reduce the chance of iron deficiency or diseases related to it. Research states that when vitamin C supplements were included in the diet of children suffering from mild iron deficiency, they helped gain control on anemia.

Vitamin C supplements in some way help to enhance your blood iron levels.

5. Accelerates Immunity Levels

One of the primary reasons for including vitamin C supplements in the diet is to increase immunity. Vitamin C is connected to various channels of the immune system.

For instance, vitamin C plays a key role in production of white blood cells that help the body to fight infection. These white cells also protect cells from getting damaged from free radicals.

Vitamin C is carried to the skin and acts as an antioxidant and helps strengthen skin. This vitamin can help heal wounds at a faster pace. Lower vitamin C levels often indicates poor health.

For instance, people suffering from pneumonia have reduced vitamin C level in their body. They are often prescribed vitamin C supplements for faster recovery.

Final Words

There are certain researches that indicate vitamin C supplements help improve memory and thinking potential. Older adults that have poor memory or thinking potential can include vitamin C supplements in their diet.

These supplements also help to avoid gout attacks and reduce blood uric acid levels. It is wise to keep a constant check on your nutritive intake as it helps you to stay fit. 

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